About the PI

TranNguyen_photo_Feb2016Tran B. Nguyen
Assistant Professor of Environmental Chemistry
Department of Environmental Toxicology

Email: tbn[at]ucdavis.edu
Office: 4113 Meyer Hall
Wet Chemistry Lab: 4330 Meyer Hall
Chamber Lab: 4427 Meyer Hall
Phone: (530) 752 – 5987


2013 – 2015 :   NSF-AGS Postdoctoral Fellow – Caltech
2012 – 2013:    Stanback Postdoctoral Fellow – Caltech
2012:    Ph.D. Chemistry – UC Irvine
2007:   B.S. Chemistry – Univ. Southern California

I’m an atmospheric chemist and environmental mass spectrometrist with a background in laboratory and field research. I started my atmospheric science career by analyzing greenhouse gases for New Zealand’s national lab NIWA at the Baring Head site near Wellington. My thesis work on determining the detailed composition of organic aerosols was performed at UC Irvine in the group of Professor Sergey Nizkorodov (co-advised by Professor Alexander Laskin at PNNL, who is now at Purdue). My postdoctoral research focused on the chemical oxidation mechanism of isoprene and the biosphere-atmosphere exchange of trace gases. This work was performed at Caltech under the mentorship of Professor Paul Wennberg and Professor John Seinfeld.

My scientific goal is to investigate the prevailing oxidation mechanisms in the atmosphere and explore the link between aerosol composition and their climate and health effects.

Select recent honors:
2017: Elected the 2019 chair of the Aerosol Chemistry working group – American Association for Aerosol Research
2015: Sheldon K. Friedlander Award – American Association for Aerosol Research
2013: Atmospheric Chemistry Colloquium for Emerging Senior Scientists – Brookhaven National Lab

Research interests:
Atmospheric oxidation mechanisms, aqueous and heterogeneous chemistry, organic aerosol formation, organic aerosol photochemistry, organic aerosol toxicology