Group members

Postdoctoral Scholars

Michelle Lew

Ph.D., Chemistry
Indiana University, 2017
[Laboratory and field studies of the OH and HO2 radicals, with Prof. Phil Stevens]

B.S., Chemistry with Honors,
The Ohio State University, 2010

Project: Atmospheric chemistry of secondary organic aerosols, Instrument Development


Graduate Students


Khanh Nguyen

M.S., Forensic Science Graduate Group
UC Davis, anticipated 2018

B.S., Chemistry
University of Nebraska, 2016

Master’s Thesis: Investigating Wood Smoke: Smoke Composition and Toxicity from Different Combustion Conditions



Undergraduate Students


Helena Bayat

B.S., Environmental Toxicology ,
UC Davis, anticipated 2018

Honor’s Thesis:High resolution mass spectrometry analysis of environmental toxicants